Welcome to Rolly Pollie’s Doggy Treats!

At Rolly Pollie’s Doggy Treats, we want to make sure your furry baby is happy and having a beautiful life. So we have created a range of hand-made leashes, home-made treats and personal grooming services to make sure they get the best.

What we stand for:

  • Soul: we treat our 4-legged friends and your furry babies with Pride, Love, Passion
  • Health: we want to make sure all furry babies get to have a long and youthful life.
  • Fun: we treat your furry babies as dogstumers, and ensure they have a fun time in a relaxing environment.

Rolly Pollie’s Doggy Treats is our (Julia and Andrew’s) brainchild, a couple from Perth West Australia. We have two beautiful dogs that are our lives, Polly and Skye. We wanted to make sure we offered them the best when it came to nutritious and healthy food, and that is how this venture began. We now also design and create leashes as well as offer grooming services.

We want our babies to have the best, and that is our promise to you. To look after your furry babies as if they are our own and make sure that everything we create is done with them in mind.